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" I didn't realize how much of what I've already got going on in my life could contribute to this new role. I'm excited to bring 'me' into being a doula. So great! I wish Melissa could mentor me for two years :))"
"It was fantastic. I learned so much in such a short time. I feel like I got so much out of it. I wished I had more time with her, she was FANTASTIC!!!"
I seriously urge every woman who is considering becoming a Doula,  just starting out as a Doula, or even women who have been working as Doulas for some time, to take this workshop with Melissa.  It was definitely the most helpful, informative, and inspiring weekend I have ever experienced. I knew I would learn a lot, but I honestly did not realize the potential I hold within myself until attending her class.  Her positive energy is infectious. Her knowledge about a career in the doula field and her passion for helping women is truly amazing. I went in with uncertainty about my future and left feeling energized, excited, and with the knowledge that I really can achieve anything.  She genuinely wants us to succeed! This class is worth every penny and then some.  Best investment I ever made.  - DF
"Melissa's workshop got me fired up to take action and pursue my goals as a budding doula. Her training offers straightforward, easy and actionable tools that are invaluable to any doula wanting to start their own business. Her workshop covered essential information about business structure, taxes, contracts, pricing, networking, social media development-- and so much more. I loved her fun and engaging style (she's fricken HILARIOUS) and she made the whole experience genuinely inspiring. Its obvious that Melissa is passionate about helping other women accomplish their goals and there is  absolutely zero hint of B.S. when she says she believes in your business and personal vision. She gave me just the right encouragement and support that I needed to believe in myself and jump in with both feet." - HK