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Melissa grew up with business in her bones from the time she could talk - and from there became a woman of *gasp* “the Corporate World” (cubicals, meetings, general boringness). After the birth of her first daughter, Melissa departed from her corporate “life” and became a doula - simply because she wanted and expected more for birthing people.

After becoming a Doula, and starting the London Doula Group in Ontario - Melissa realized her off-call hours were being filled assisting other Doulas in her area obtain clients, hone their skills and feel adequate. Melissa decided that all of her hours spent helping people one-on-one with their business had lit a fire in her heart, so she took the gig across the country, doulaing doulas. Helping the helpers.

Known for her say-it-like-it-is approach, Melissa has been travelling and working along side Doulas, Midwives and other people in birth and family related business’ to assist in making their dreams a reality. She realized early on as a doula that her witty approach and unique business savvy could be used to help others harness their potential and sort through the chaos that is self-employment. Turns out that being raised in a business environment now had a purpose! Melissa lives to brand, declutter, make sense of and unlock peoples dreams. She is a FIRM believer that love and kindness conquers all - even in business and that helping others is THE path to personal success.

Are YOU ready?  It's time you do what you love and make a living too! 


Melissa Abrosimoff CD(DONA)